Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shattered: New Local Wisconsin (near MN) Metal band

Youtube Channel
myspace (videos, but no audio samples yet)

This band Shattered is a Western-Wisconsin based progressive groove-thrash Metal band that I won't leave out the fact a friend of mine via mp.com and many local rock concerts in Mpls/St.Paul plays in.

They are starting to gig more of late and working on I guess a 3-song ep that the below live videos of songs will likely all be on.

Shipwrecked *Live: 21-11-2009*

Shattered | MySpace Video

The Walk Of Death *Live: 12-11-2009*

Shattered | MySpace Video

Eternal Burn *Live: 12-11-2009*

Shattered | MySpace Video

Seek And Destory (Metallica Cover) *Live: 12-11-2009*

Shattered | MySpace Video

The Fury *Live: 12-11-2009*

Shattered | MySpace Video

And my friend Josh whose their drummer informed me they have some more material in the works which may work out to being a debut record, and a concept album of sorts. Perhaps both of those will be released in 2010. It partially may be contingent on when they find a reliable bass player.

Those songs seem to incorporate what I like in progressive metal. But also the groove, old school and technical sides of metal. The melodic sense you can hear as well. And maybe my favorite parts (live at least) are where they have a mode they can extend and repeat over and over that seems to just flow. As I told Josh, a bit like Jeff Buckley's "Kanga-Roo." It may go on for awhile, but it avoids getting boring due to the flow and energy.

So like myself, us music fans are also musicians. And Josh listens to a lot of the same music I do, and has a very good ear and open-ness to any number of influences. Given that, their music now and in the future really could be something to keep in mind.

I actually think they should do a gig with another local progressive tech (and death) metal band in Deretla but that may not be possible for awhile as the last I read and posted in here is Deretla was going to focus on recording in 2010 more than gigging. But maybe the scheduling could still work out if not in 2010, sometime down the road for the 2 bands to be on the same bill. Gracepoint, Epicurean, Zebulon Pike and Sirens of Titan might be some other bands Shattered might attract local fanbases of in the progressive metal fan-appeal.

And of course Between Two Skies who Josh actually has met the members of before.

Certainly, more to add, elaborate, update about Shattered in 2010 as things happen.

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