Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost: In the Final Leg of it's story

I'd love to blurb out some stream of consciousness analysis right now about any and all things involving last evening (Final) Season premiere 2-hour episode. But will I? no, primarily due to time.

Watercooler show 101.

It's a mindfuck, and pretty much just gives more confusing plot points every few seconds.

The theme of death and rebooting/resetting and saving someone was more or less on the premiere. The timelines, realities, where characters are, continuity.

Actually Bryan K Vaughan has done similar storytelling in "Ex Machina" which I recently completed the 3rd issue of. So all the multiple scenes from characters in different timeframes shouldn't be too weird for me to take-in right now.

I guess 1 question that I have to think about is all these questions coming up with continuity and mystery, will we see the payoff by the finale of them being answered. Will it avoid the Alias guilt of never really explaining everything? I fear it will.

The black smoke monster entity being revealed, while hardly shocking, still was a highlight.

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