Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Top 10+ Led Zeppelin Songs

Quickie, here's a briefly-made list of my Top Led Zeppelin tunes, in reaction to Sea of Tranquility's list embedded at the bottom.

Of course could and very well may be SUBJECT TO AN EDIT (ADDITIONS, UNLIKELY REMOVALS), and some comments which maybe time will be allowed later tonight at home while the Freeze of the Century continues on in Minnesota and a large part of the Upper Midwest in the USA.

Custard Pie
In the Evening
The Ocean
No Quarter
The Wanton Song
Immigrant Song
That's the Way
Good Times Bad Times
Black Mountain Side
Dazed and Confused
Out on the Tiles 
Sick Again
Battle of Evermore
Your Time is Gonna Come
Four Sticks
Stairway to Heaven
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
The Rover
What is and What Should Never Be
Song Remains the Same
Bring it on Home
Ramble On
Over the Hills and Far Away
How Many More Times
In My Time of Dying
Ten Years Gone

2. In the Light
1. Achilles Last Stand