Monday, January 28, 2019

SIMILAR BITS: Dirt Poor Robins & Dream Theater

So I would say pretty early-on in my consumption of Dirt Poor Robins music last year, I concluded "Solemn Dream" was a favorite piece among a large number of songs I enjoyed.
And after listening to it a few times, I enjoyed the last/climax section maybe most. But also there was something familiar about the crescendo.

The vocal chanting especially reminded me a lot of maybe sections of multiple songs I knew, but the one that stood out the most was a Dream Theater song that I was pretty certain was from Images and Words, where James LaBrie did a similar vocal chanting climax.

I gave Metropolis Part 1 and Learning to Live a listen a few months ago but failed to notice it, but finally just a few minutes ago I found it.

A section in the middle of Learning to Live has the bit that is similar to the ending of Solemn Dream from DPR.

Now mind you, these 2 songs overall are still quite different, but I don't think I will ever be able to not think of Learning to Live while listening to the ending of Solemn Dream again.

Dirt Poor Robins - Solemn Dream
4:57-on, and especially the section that the vocal chants/harmonies and build/climax that comes in at 5:22-6:11

Dream Theater - Learning to Live

5:31 similar feel and rhythm
6:00 also more similarities building rhythm
6:58-7:40 the Chanted Vocal and instrumental Climax. Especially the WHOA OH OH, OH-OH-OH WAHHHHHHH!