Friday, January 18, 2019

Snarky Puppy - Immigrance (2018-2019)

Immigrance, the new studio album from Jazz/Prog/Funk/Jam/Hip-Hop/Experimental band Snarky Puppy is being released on March 15th.

Another (rare?) studio album coming from Snarky Puppy per the majority of their releases I recall are live, and rightly so, they are known may best as a live group.

2016's Culcha Vulcha I discovered in 2017 after seeing them live, and enjoyed it quite a bit.

1st single "Xavi" is below, 9.5 minutes in true jam/prog fashion!

No photo description available.

1 Chonks
2 Bigly Strictness
3 Coven
4 Bling Bling
5 Xavi 9:31    
6 While We're Young
7 Bad Kids To The Back
8 Even Us