Saturday, January 12, 2019

Eluveitie: an Observation

I haven't honestly listened to Eluveitie in many years. Probably 2008's Slania from memory, was the last album from them I recall.

They're from Switzerland and I found them 1 of the better if not best Scandinavian Metal bands who featured instrumentation outside guitar-bass-drums.

And the vocals were always clean and female from memory.

Well the 1st video below is from 2014, and it resembles the sound I recall, although maybe it's a little more poppy than their the stuff from Slania, but not dramatically different.

These 2 videos below are what I guess their sound has transformed to with a new lead singer and some other member changes.

They still have some of the Folk metal in there, but they apparently decided to incorporate Death or more what I hear is GRINDCORE into their sound.

I applaud them for trying new things, but I'm not sure how well those styles mix with this new sound.