Wednesday, January 16, 2019


but she won't always wait
Dissension is the tension, it's what we've learned to hate

PATIENCE is the key word.

A mantra, a reminder, a frustration (or trying to avoid being). 

I dunno, I grew up in a methodical, in-due-time pace of things for the most part.

But now it seems I try and try and still can't be PATIENT enough:

Grad School

nearly 8 years with my wife

over 12 years now in this blog

And wanting to have something psychologically if not physically to show for it.

patience?..well and the 4-letter word TIME. When I am motivated to spew out my guts about things, but that time in more detail will have to come later.

I just feel like I may be on the verge of things changing or changes and accomplishments may occur soon, but I can't muster as much PATIENCE as I need. Just a few more months really.

Book work
father-in-laws phone calls done, etc

is 2019 being the end of the 2010's decade a sign? transition point? or more likely I'm making these things out to be a bigger deal than they are.

The Book/frustration that's brewed and occasionally surfaced many times the last 12 years may need to finally come out. Text, Video and/or Audio form. Related to PROG magazine, Twin Cities music Media, and my lack of ability to feel like I'm one-of if not the only person on the globe who loves all this obscure, weird music/bands like a big fat buffet of brilliant (to me) little people.