Sunday, January 20, 2019

In Prepping...(New retro-AOTY Videos coming)


So an update on this.

I finally got a Printer-to-USB cable to try printing the images out, which did work.

So the printer works (and hopefully the scanner and copier and fax works too), however my wife 1st reaction and my fear is true.

After printing more or less 20 or 25 images (for a small year, 1990, and with some needed more than once to print a better image, size, etc), the Colored Ink basically ran out.

25 pages???

the printer I got did come with a discount or coupon deal to save on Ink, but I guess it hit me after trying that, that this project will require more money in Ink cartridges than I probably should be spending. It could add up to over $500 or more, lol.

So I thought about some alternatives for this. Like printing some at the Library for .75 cents per page and PACING myself. Like only print maybe 5 a week, or something, to space and divide it up.

Which I may still consider.

But then it just occurred to me, this is going to require quite a bit of work and time.

So I guess my reaction to that is why not just go back to my original idea with PHYSICAL COPIES.

The issues with that are

1) I don't own physical copies of a percentage of what would make my lists. What percent? I need to go through them, but I would guess maybe 20-30%

2) Being able to track down of course right now in my storage space, and eventually where I move likely will require a lot of time organizing my music.

So the conclusion sadly is this project, as far on YouTube will have to likely be put on hold.
Until the point I can start doing it, I will try and make time and effort finding at least 1 physical copy version of these albums (I own a large number of them on both CD and Vinyl, and even cassette), and organizing them. This process I assume could require many hours, maybe dozens of hours of work.

Which I can foresee anyway at the point I move and get the wife and I's planned "Music Room" with an IKEA Vinyl shelf, etc

But the COMPROMISE is, I will scan through the long list of albums and identify which ones I don't own physical copies of. And THOSE I will plan to print out either with my printer and/or at the Library for .75 cents a page.

Perhaps once I compile that list, I will share said list and/or even the whole friggin list.

But I guess I could try and make 1 video for that year I tested out, 1990.


So my 9 days and change staycation begins in a matter of hours, and I have an agenda which I would be happy if I accomplished 3/4 of it.

But 1 item was planning on outlining if not working on some early drafts of that post-Milestone project, but the below other project I may find ends up usurping those plans.

The below Albums of the Year Printing of images to make for Videos is coming along. The printing? no not yet. I'm anticipating that either this weekend or Monday at the latest.

But I am PREPPING THE IMAGES for each year. I.e. I created 55 folders or whatever, 1 for each Calendar Year. And it's cool to actually find reasonable images for each album and then keep them in said year's folder.

However it naturally is a little time consuming. But I am hoping organizing them this way, will actually make the PRINTING PROCESS that much faster, hehe.

I guess hypothetically, I have at least a handful of years full/complete with each album's cover art image, on Monday I may be able to print out at least a few full Calendar Year's AOTY's and even make some of those videos.

I'm not assuming anything, but it may happen. I guess the videos themselves may be contingent on my Car as I am having work done on Monday morning at 8AM. But it hopefully will only take a few hours and I may have some time by the early afternoon.

If not then, at least Tuesday.

 for hopefully a big new project on YouTube which may coincide with completing as many if not all of the remaining Albums Calendars (2001, 2003, 2006-2018), I just made an observation on twitter:

I guess I also could throw out what the deal is.

So I am going to try and make videos of instead of naming the artist/title/release date/month for every year since 1965. I will INSTEAD, name off my Top 8+ albums for each year.

And as I mentioned recently, in order to do that, I am almost done (3-5 hours I think left of work) making Top 8+ (and in some exceptions, exceeding well over 100) albums list.

Then rattle off and SHOW images of the albums from each year.

And each Year's Top 8+ will be done randomly as I don't want to get bogged down by chronological order.

And instead of dragging out and showing VINYL and/or CDs; nor having to spend X-number of extra minutes if not over an hour EDITING-IN ALBUM COVER IMAGES, I am now planning to PRINT OUT COLORED IMAGES ON PRINTER PAPER of at least the top 8-10 for every calendar year. And I am assuming some years like 2008, I may go as deep as 25-30 per I LOVE THAT MANY ALBUMS AND FEEL THEY DESERVE MENTION.

But on average, I think it'll initially be 10-15 or so per year. I dunno.

My guestimation is I'll have to print out something like 500 maybe ultimately, 1000 or so images.

And keep them in those Clear Sleeves that are 8 1/2 x 11. And they will be there in a book or booklets/3-RING BINDERS to access whenever I may want to talk about said album(s), etc.

Will it run some $? yeah, mainly in INK.

But I already purchased a printer/scanner/fax. Helped by a Target Gift Card from my employer for X-Mas, it wasn't excessively expensive. And the ink was only $31. I just am assuming/anticipating needing to replace those ink cartridges (both Color and Black-and-White) after 50 or 100 covers are done. I.e. maybe 4-6 times maybe in the next year?

The scanner also helps as I can now scan all those blackmail-able old photos in, and any NEW album cover or anything else.

I know, I'm finally living in the 21st century now that I have a Printer and Scanner (no Smartphone though..that's another entry waiting to happen).

WHEN will these videos begin? optimistic hope is that week I have off Jan 7th-11th, but I need to get the printer to work 1st. test it out, etc. If not then, I would estimate no later than April or after I move. But I am thinking it won't be much, I just need to hook everything up and HAVE THE ROOM to print them out. And of course have the time/space to make the videos, lol.

I'm currently still working on finishing The Runaways Season 2 (on the 10th episode), getting my Home Ready Certificate for the Bank's Loan Officer (already pre-approved to look and buy a house), and this weekend finally going-through and giving my wife and I's WEDDING PHOTOS for gifts. Some 400 or 500 pics, and we need to pick maybe 20 or 30 tops. Timely and Spendy. But the brutally cold temps hopefully will allow enough to do that. Driving up to Walgreens to print them may be largely weather-permitting though. But it's due by our family's Channukah party that is being held on New Years Day.

I am debating sharing the massive list of Albums of the Years when I finish it, but I just may as it goes, YouTube and the Blog are separate audiences anyway.

But yeah, 2008 in reviewing my collection and ratings, was a fan-fucking-tastic year for albums. Maybe THEE year I would love to go back in time and relive the music for it as it happened.