Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Faceless - In Becoming a Ghost (2017-2018)

Release date is December 1st.

1st single and Preorders on Halloween.

Cautiously optimistic. Loved Akeldama their debut album.

Planetary Duality not so much

Autotheism?..After hearing this, I was of the feeling to forget about them.

But then they put up that amazing track "The Spiraling Void" in 2015, which ever since, renewed my interest.

December 1st..doesn't surprise me it comes out after my Halloween deadline per Halloween is only 12 days away, lol. But it just adds more to an already enticing new year/season for albums in 2017-2018.

Will bump when the preorder and new song comes on Halloween. Meanwhile, the track list I think is correct below, although the font doesn't allow it to be 100% crystal clear on some of the spellings ("breath"?)

edit: They released "Black Star" this past summer which I don't recall if I even saw anything about.


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1. In Becoming a Ghost
2. Digging the Grave
3. Black Star
4. Cup of Mephistopheles
5. The Spiraling Void
6. Share the Disease
7. I am
8. Ghost Reprise
9. (Instru) Mental Illness
10. The Terminal Breath

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