Monday, October 30, 2017

Albums of the Year Coming Soon

I can't be certain if it'll be this week or sometime say, before Thanksgiving.

But good chance it'll be quite soon as I am getting pretty close to finished doing my review/relistening work.

Sure, there's many albums that will be listed that I either didn't listen to, listened to only once, or only heard 1 or 2 tracks from, etc. That my feeling is, trying to check them out just doesn't seem too warranted. Perhaps at a later time (like St.Vincent's new album for example). But then perhaps not, or by later time, it could mean 10 years from now, lol.

But sadly, I can say with pretty good certainty, 2016-2017 has been one of the thinnest (if not WEAKEST) years in recent memory. Just for the fact among all the records I will include and do enjoy, it's hard to find even 1 that seemed pretty addictive.

Now, as I know (come to learn and expect) there very likely will be records in the not too distant future from 2016-2017 that I have not heard yet, and may not hear for many years. I hope at least some of those will show up by the end of 2019 when I likely will make my Decade list (or say the Summer of 2020).

But as for now, yeah, I am struggling to find a year 2016-2017 (2017) was better than in recent years. I was thinking 2013, but no, not really.

But in making the Albums Calendars, it seems every decade there's usually 1 or 2 somewhat thin or lackluster in some ways, years that happen. I dunno, maybe just on pure odds.

At the same time, it's not like there haven't been some good albums this year, many of them I ended up buying physical copies of course, which for the most part, I don't regret.

I guess that also makes me that more optimistic for 2017-2018 per many albums that I anticipated are, or are very likely to come out (Ours just to name 1).

But at any case, yeah, the list, MY LIST which most publish in December and/or early January, should be showing up very soon. Maybe later this week in fact. And the hope is to make a video or 2 of course, which many are long overdue, but when and more importantly where is still are still the biggest obstacles with my living in limbo. My things in Storage and living with my wife's mother.

Plus I've been consumed by Stranger Things and the World Series and picking out Wedding Photos among other things.

But once I put 2016-2017 to bed, I can start to focus on some other ongoing projects besides 2017-2018 albums; Albums Calendar, RIYL/FFO, etc. And 2 others likely stand alone lists: Modern Musicians/Songwriters (could be 50 or more), and a somewhat long overdue feature on Chamber/Baroque Pop/Rock list.