Friday, October 27, 2017

Top 10 Musicians (per That Drummer Guy)

My friend Josh aka That Drummer Guy it appears is starting a new series of podcasts/recordings of LISTS. And he's totally right about LISTS and how everyone loves them...although as I have said way too many times to remember, I actually happen to not LOVE them, or rather MAKING THEM, choosing something I enjoy over another thing I enjoy.

But they are a necessary evil, and can't deny enjoy reading others and even reading my own after I make them.

Of course if I'm gonna post this in any timely fashion right now, Blurbs ain't happening.

Afa That Drummer Guy's list, I could have predicted most of it, but not 100% A little surprised Steven Wilson wasn't in there, but I suppose he would have come close.

10. James Hetfield
9. Ihsahn
8. Gene Hoglan
7. Daniel Gildenlow
6. Tom Englund
5. Arjen Lucassen
4. Dan Swano
3. Mikael Akerfeldt
2. Mike Portnoy
1. Devin Townsend

The ole gun-to-my-head, pick 10:

Peter Gabriel
Annie Haslam
Craig Minowa
Steve Rothery
Daniel Gildenlow
Mike Portnoy
Jim Matheos
Jimmy Gnecco
Casey Crescenzo
Kevin Gilbert

Choosing 1 member from a collective unit that BANDS are sucks, which again goes back to the whole choosing 1 over another, as there are literally 50 or more musicians/singers I could have picked after the 1st 3 or 4 (where the fuck is Jeff Buckley?..of course with only 2 albums of recorded work, it's hard to justify over others, but jeez, I regard him as one of my favorites certainly).