Sunday, October 8, 2017

Rock Hall Snubs

With The Moody Blues, Dire Straits, Judas Priest and some others nominated for the Rock Hall for the 1st time this year, I have thought of (and seen on other sites) making a list of Artists who have yet to even be nominated that are exceptionally HARD TO BELIEVE.

I suppose with the long delayed nominations of the likes of Rush, Yes, Genesis, Kiss, Deep Purple, Chicago, Journey, Peter Gabriel and some others that per how popular and historically influential, it's really baffling they haven't even been nominated yet, let alone voted in.

Also the likes of Bon Jovi, The Cure or Janet Jackson, it is hard to believe they are not in, but also have at least been nominated once or twice.

Carpenters, The
Def Leppard
Doobie Brothers, The
Duran Duran
Blue Oyster Cult
Faith No More
Guess Who, The
Huey Lewis and the News
Iron Maiden
Jethro Tull
King Crimson
Monkees, The
Osbourne, Ozzy
Roxy Music
Rundgren, Todd
Three Dog Night

Huge Pop Artists:
Collins, Phil
Houston, Whitney
Loggins, Kenny
Michael, George
Newton-John, Olivia