Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Kevin Gilbert BOOK (English Version)

Some people may know Lorenzo from Italy who keeps a similar blog to mine, altprogcore.
Lorenzo has published some progressive rock books previously per links on his blog 

but they are all in Italian.

So Lorenzo wants to try and get an English version of his Kevin Gilbert book published and he just launched a Kickstarter for it.

And while I would love to write something like this myself, I would hardly expect it to happen anytime soon. And more or less ANYTHING published about Kevin Gilbert is gold to me, even if it's just from a passionate fan like myself.

So, some may be up for reading a published book about Kevin Gilbert, checkout out the Campaign:


Hey, I'm trying to raise some money to pay a proper translator for my book about life and music of Kevin Gilbert.

Last year I've published Independently a book about Kevin Gilbert written in italian. Obviously some not italian Kevin fans have expressed their interest on this book, but I'm not a good translator so, since then, I've tried to find someone who did a proper job of translation. At last I've found the guy, but I can't afford the fee without being sure to sell at least a certain amount of copies. So, here I am on Kickstarter if you want to help me out to fund this project and want your English version of the book. I've set the final goal adding only the print and shipping costs, I am not interested in earning money from the book, but only in the translation.

With this book I've tried to give a chronological shape to Kevin's career collecting all the facts I've found in interviews and web resources, plus I have added my thoughts about his music and every album from his early days with NRG and Giraffe until his last masterpiece "The Shaming of the True" and the band Kaviar. A full discography with his collaborations and productions is also included.

Useful informations:

122 pages
Dimesions: 10,8cm x 17,48cm 
Original cover artwork (back and front) by longtime Kevin Gilbert fan Lennart Fagerman You can find the italian version HERE