Sunday, October 1, 2017

Marillion: February 2018 American Tour

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3rd-8th Cruise to the Edge
9th Orlando, FL
10th: Atlanta, GA
12th: Durham, NC
13th: Greensburg, PA
15th: Buffalo, NY
16th: Royal Oak, MI
18th: Grand Rapids, MI
19th: St.Charles, IL
21st: Dallas, TX

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Unsure what I may do here.

1) I don't go to any of these shows. The most likely scenario. Robert Plant and some other shows just were announced in February already (G3 with Petrucci), with I'm sure more to come.

2) St.Charles, IL. I just looked it up on Google Maps. It's like an hour West of Chicago. I suppose that doesn't seem terrible except this is also in the middle of February. Driving to an area I'm unfamiliar with, etc. The directions may not be impossible, but at a min. it's more time required.

3) Atlanta, GA. I'm not sure, but I suspect where The Variety Playhouse is, is relatively close if  not more or less off the MARTA route. And just in searching, it's only a 15 minute (drive) from Center Stage where ProgPower USA is held.

Of course no  Minnesota date, but I would guess I have a better chance of playing in a Marillion tribute band in Minnesota than they ever coming back here sadly. But so be it. I'm glad they are coming back to the States, even with a limited tour schedule.

Also of course the biggest reason they are playing these additional dates are the fact they were on CTTE anyway. But, another thought is the members and the crew from Marillion obviously have Work Visas they received to come here again, and if I am not mistaken, I thought most Work Visas last 1-year, where upon they can be renewed, etc.

Given that, they may try and book another tour of the States (and Canada+Mexico) within the next year.

Not sure if they need Work Visas for CTTE though per if they are not spending much if any time actually on American Land for that gig. Per why they may not have had them for the other CTTE's they played at the last few years, etc.

So I suppose I will anticipate the chance of another tour sometime in 2018. Especially looking at the agenda, they are not hitting the West Coast nor all that much of the Northeast either (not even Boston, or NYC).