Friday, April 7, 2017

JOHN ARCH!: Interviewed by That Drummer Guy

Very happy Josh got to interview the man himself, one of his and my own personal music heroes and favorite singers.

The interview is mostly about the upcoming Awaken the Guardian live DVD coming out from Fates Warning on April 28th.

I do like though how John did touch on new music towards the end. He's working on it, etc, which obviously has me grinning (on a day, where I'm struggling with that..medical issues and my supervisor stepping down).

Anyway, John is a really down to earth guy, humble and gracious to the fans. I know I couldn't afford it, but this interview only reminds me of how much I admire him and his approach to not only music but his lifestyle. I'd love to meet him of course some day, but if I never do, at least having my good friend Josh get to talk with John about music and his past present and future work feels a bit like that by extension (as many of Josh's interviews do, so happy for him and yet also incredibly jealous!).