Monday, April 3, 2017

Mew - Visuals (2016-2017)

4/3/17 10:53PM

2nd single/video "Twist Quest."

mee likey.

Love the horn parts that help contrast with the Mew sound. A little like the Jazzkamikaze album Supersonic Revolutions, which of course was often described like a jazz Mew.

If Visuals has more of this, I'm probably going to dig it even more than I expect.

2/16/17 9:18AM

Another song "85 Videos"..need to still listen to most of it, but it sounds like another dreamy track.

1/24/17 6:32AM
New album drops on April 28th. I'm a big fan and so this is likely an auto- buy of course. The 1st single below/final track on the album below "Carry Me to Safety" is slow and kind of methodical, which reminds me of +/-. Although that record and some of those moments grew on  me.

I guess with Mew, I've learned to not expect immediately being blown away, but to have their songs grow on me. And  now playing it a 2nd time, I can already say I'm liking it more, so go figure.

The big thing though is whose playing the guitars? Mads Wegner who was their touring guitarist on the +/- tour? Jonas? their bassist Johan Wohlert ala Mutemath?..granted, they also released a new track "Count to Ten" (embedded below) in 2016 like Ours did for the Transformers Roll Out Videogame Soundtrack

I guess in due time we'll find out more of these things.

I'm excited though as I love Mew, and like how this was kind of unexpected, especially given their history of gaps of releases. I wonder if they wrote a lot of music between 2009 and 2015 and some of this stuff could have been written awhile back?

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1. Nothingness And No Regrets
2. The Wake Of Your Life
3. Candy Pieces All Smeared Out
4. In A Better Place
5. Ay Ay Ay
6. Learn Our Crystals
7. Twist Quest
8. Shoulders
9. 85 Videos
10. Zanzibar
11. Carry Me To Safety