Tuesday, April 25, 2017

ALLMR Short Update

Record Store Day Report/Video hopefully coming soon. A few stories with it. Including the wife? not sure per her (soon to be also my) place, video making isn't too conducive given her mother has the TV on all the time.

Midseason List? yes, it is in the works and may arrive close to the May 1st break. But, maybe more likely on Cinco de Mayo per I have that day off (and the 4th actually for the wife's bday).

my Midseason List also will not include the new Bubblemath CD, but there should be an early review when time allows. 

Most anticipated right now:

Ours - Spectacular Sight
Anathema - The Optimist
Sikth - The Future in Whose Eyes?
Bent Knee - Land Animal

many others like Diablo Swing Orchestra, plus a lot of others yet to be announced or release dates at least.

My plate is still pretty full tho with Car accident work, medical issues, moving my things into storage, and OT at work.