Friday, April 21, 2017

OT: Health

-Frequent Intermittent Post Nasal Drip (especially right when I wake up in the morning)
-Spinal Back Problems, thought-of per lifting heavy trays and boxes wrong, without a brace
-Incrementally worse Digestive Problems
-Lower Back Inflammation: brought on by: 1. maybe not being in perfect shape. 2. doing things standing up like shopping for vinyl records, washing dishes, and doing laundry
-Kidney Stones: 1st Calcium Oxylate, then Uric Acid. The Uric Acid ones may happen either the rest of my life or until I have surgery of my larger-than-my-left, right kidney.
-Hemmorroids: it seems likely internal and a colonoscopy and possibly surgery may be required
-Migraine Headaches: a 1 time thing that was brought on by Stress 15 years ago. The last 2 days, short, random warm sensations in different parts of my brain.

This is nothing I guess compared to those with crippling conditions, but I just wonder if all this stuff is a sign that my body isn't meant to last as long as I'd expect/hope.

I did have surgery as a baby for Craniosynostosis. No idea if any of these symptoms could be related.

Many of them are genetic, but that only helps to a point.

I suppose I can say stuff like the back inflammation and digestive issues I've been able to get a decent handle on, although I think the hot summer weather will always give me problems with digesting food. Doesn't matter what it is. The kidney stones, at least progress seems to be being made right now, but I will probably only have better confidence if the medication and cherry juice I take every day lasts for a year or more.

And the hemorroids may or may not be going away. But this thing with the headaches yesterday and today almost suggest I am jinxed, when 1 ailment seems to get better, another one comes up.

I want to find optimism, tomorrow is Record Store Day afterall. But this stuff along with moving my stuff into storage and out of my apt in the next 2 months (and still finding a storage space), along with getting my car repaired only add to this full plate of challenges right now for me.

And I thought things would become more chill after the wedding. I honestly would rather be planning a wedding right now than dealing with all this stuff.