Sunday, April 16, 2017

Rest in Peace Allan Holdsworth

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Natural causes.

Rest in Peace certainly as he was an influential and admired talent, namely on guitar.

His credits while nothing hugely commercial, are quite impressive, from Soft Machine, to Gong, to Jean-Luc Ponty, to Bruford to U.K.

He was one of the 1st guitarists, at least in Jazz and Rock that used the guitar almost like a synthesizer/keyboard.

Now, that being said, my good friend John said about him, that his technical ability is impressive, but he always struggled to be grabbed by his emotion.

And while I can't claim to feel exactly like that about the guy, I can just say I appreciate and maybe respect his influence more than loving his playing specifically.

The Bruford album Feels Good to Me is one I enjoy including his work on it.

And his work on the U.K.debut album I suppose as well.

But I suppose the style of synth-toned guitar I found Pat Metheny's approach and writing to work more for me. I dunno if Metheny and Holdsworth ever played together or at least commented on each other, but it might be interesting to see/hear.

Among the folks paying respects, Eddie Van Halen, Vernon Reid, Mike Portnoy, Neal Schon, Peter Frampton just on that link above.