Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fjokra - Sick Kids [1B] (2017)

New single/video from Fjokra "Sick Kids."

-Has a bit of an ear-wormy chorus.
-Use of Vocal Distortion is interesting, if almost expected
-A fair amount of rapping, also is not new, except maybe how polished it is

edit: sucker is GROWING on me. Great Track! very memorable.

I heard another new song called "Evening Lights" back on January 1st per BBC Radio London Introducing HERE
which was a fair amount different. But that's kind of the beauty of Fjokra among other things, the band's diversity and combinations of a vast number styles and influences.

Evening Lights I thought had more Big Band and horns in it, etc, which some of I remember well from Thoughtsteps from 2014.

At any case, I enjoy this new track Sick Kids certainly and will be playing it more of course.

Here's more from the description in the video:

Published on Apr 19, 2017
The Official Video for Fjokra's new single 'Sick Kids'! Digitally available on April 21st on all online digital stores!

Fjokra comprise of Annie Bea; vocalist, percussionist, Freddie Draper; bass, Jack Richardson; guitar and Filippo Galli, drummer and Fi; main vocalist, visionary and writer along with garbage lids and lots of sticks and things that would not normally appear on stage with any average band.

The band have gained a reputation for exhibiting uniquely bizarre and eclectic live performances which are reflected in their insanely exhilarating videos. The visual element of Fjokra fully embraces the band’s music, encouraging the outrageous, the unexpected, removing all boundaries of reality, taking the viewer and listener to places that are equally fantastic as they are surreal.

‘Thoughtsteps’ the band’s debut EP was released a year ago, with the video and lead track ‘Get Amongst It’ collecting plaudits on a daily basis, shortlisted for the ‘Most Bizarre’ section of the Berlin Video Awards 2015 and securing a part and sync in the movie ‘Miss You Already’ starring Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore. The EP picked up numerous plays across national radio for both the UK and Ireland including the likes of BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music, Absolute Radio and RTE 2.

The new release ‘Sick Kids’ will be out in early May 2017 - ramping the imagery and musical stakes to a whole new level....

Fjokra are taking on The Black Heart in Camden on April 24th 2017 for the single's official launch show. Details can be found here -

Instagram: https:/