Friday, December 23, 2016 (including PROG) RIP?

12/23/16 9:56AM campaign

at 390% of the goal which says something/ Hopefully it will help a lot of the people involved, now out of work the week of X-Mas.

There has been talk that PROG and the other magazines they published, could get picked up by another firm, which adds optimism.

12/19/16 2:08PM
BBC Story

As much as I have issues with PROG magazine and the conglomerate of Team Rock and the Classic Rock Magazine Umbrella, it is sad to see this happen.

I guess I have a few thoughts about this:

1) Their magazines, at least it seemed, including PROG were published at a HIGH COST. Color paper, including compact discs, artwork done up, etc, I can't help but wonder if these people were having to be laid off, could the magazine been made FOR LESS or even having LESS ADS if it wasn't so demanding of the material and style it was made in?

I mean I'm hardly someone whose an expert in Business, but that just is 1 perception in just how their magazines were manufactured. Paying so many people, etc.

2) I guess along that same thinking, their comeback could be that like newspapers, Magazines are sadly somewhat of a dying industry. The 3-dimensional kind anyway, and they may say they had to publish something more colorful and glitzy just to garner enough sales. Which would lead back to the Online stuff anyway.

3) The Price. Their prices, at least in North America were always too much for my thinking for what it included. $15 + tax, etc. But apparently that may not have been enough? lol.

Which makes me wonder what the future of that firm is and anything involving any of their magazines from the past. Maybe online only? I know you can buy them for your Tablet/Ipad, etc. Maybe doing that could be more cost-effective?

Also I wonder WHY they did this now and not say, AFTER X-MAS?

And if they cease to exist and be printed or even be online, what will the people laid do? Maybe something new will startup?

At least you do still have people like myself, altprogcore, The Prog Report, That Drummer Guy, etc still covering the world of progressive rock without financial demands. But if somehow something new pops up within a year or 2, and it's online, I would again say I would love to in some way contribute if they would have me.

And the PROG and Classic Rock Awards, I imagine will not happen again barring some kind of financial help from people (a Pledgemusic campaign?) Maybe they could be held On Cruise to Edge every February/March? That would be my suggestion anyway. Maybe renamed them the Cruise to the Edge Awards or something.

just for reference, here's a video I made earlier this year. I may make a new one now, sort of rehashing this current entry soon.