Tuesday, December 27, 2016

George Michael - Rest in Peace

12/27/16 11:50PM

Documentary Freedom is coming out in March on Showtime in the States (BBC in the UK).


Michael was making Freedom in conjunction with Channel 4, to be released alongside a reissue of the 1990 album. The film will reportedly focus on the late artist’s career, rather than his personal life, and features interviews with Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett, James Corden, Ricky Gervais and more. It has been narrated by Michael himself.


12/25/16 6:17PM



There's a lot to the reasons I'm sharing this Celebrity Death, but I'll fully admit to only being a mild fan at best. And I grew up in the 80's and new  both Wham! and albums like Faith at least. My band in grade school even played Faith the song.

"Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" was almost an Anthem or a daily thing to hear on WLOL in the morning when I was a kid,

But no, MY WIFE, who I've known for nearly 6 years, is an ENORMOUS fan of George or as she calls him HORE-HAY MEE-GELL.

Really beyond The Monkees and Michael Nesmith, and probably Michael Jackson, George Michael is her favorite singer/musician of all-time.

More than Prince, Whitney Houston, Robert Palmer, Mayer Hawthorne and Hall and Oates.

She has wanted to collect all the Picture Discs and 12" singles she could from him, and more or less anything on Vinyl, which we don't find too often at Record Stores in Minnesota. Her  belief is they are all in his native England, and possibly at stores on the Coasts. Hopefully when we finally take our honeymoon in the coming months, we will get to 1 of the Amoeba Records in California and she may find some.

Otherwise, there's the less enjoyable and possibly more expensive route of stuff like Ebay, Discogs, Amazon Marketplace of course.

But no, this is a HUGE SHOCK and a TERRIBLE thing to find out, on Christmas no less. Kind of ruining her X-Mas, and by extension, mine in some ways.

Really so sorry Mama, and to all the other fans out there.

I will add though, it's rather hypocritical to see so many Media Sources come out about this when it happens. Stuff like Pitchfork and 89.3 namely, when they probably had no fucking clue he was PLANNING A NEW DOCUMENTARY, NEW ALBUM AND TOUR.


George Michael is busy putting the finishing touches to his special documentary film ‘Freedom’. He has discovered some incredible, unseen archive footage and is shooting additional interviews for the project so the film will now air in March 2017.
It promises to be a real treat for fans! To coincide with the film’s broadcast, George and Sony Music have decided to move the reissue of the Listen Without Prejudice album to the same time.

I mean was a George Michael or Wham album on 89,3's 893 ALBUMS LIST??? no..And there;s very little about him on Pitchfork.

The Grammys"..jeez, Prince, Bowie? and George Michael (Glen Frey, 2/3 of ELP, George Martin and so many others I'm not remembering off the top of my head right now).

I also feel like saying, I'm getting a huge sense of Melancholy about the 80's with this one, like with Prince and Bowie to an extent. Much like Whitney Houston back in 2012. Sort of the sad feeling of wanting to go back in time, when all these people were alive. Time seems to be gaining on myself and my wife who are just in are early 40's.

I sometimes think the day we do die, we'll return to the time when they were all around.

But it has hit myself and many others of late. I would say almost to the point I met my wife, or a few years earlier and since, about the Celebrity Deaths. Or even just people we know. Time is catching up on us, and if we are still alive, so many we are used to being alive with us, won't be.

By the time we reach say even age 60, it might not be weird to think the large majority of the celebrities and people of our Youth will be dead. Which makes me think, why don't we all just die anyway?..it's almost self-depressing torture. But I guess part of living is learning to live with others not being around anymore, as hard and sad as that can be. But we'll know that the younger folks will go through the same thing in later years with us, as our parents and older generations did, or learned to do.

But in the mean time, it is time to remember George Michael and celebrate his life. And also look forward to possibly a posthumous album and documentary of some kind.

Where's Andrew Ridgely?..he might feel a little like Krist Novoselic (not that I care for Nirvana, but the analogy sort of fits).

Also this has got to be, besides Eli Stone, one of my favorite uses of his music. Rather funny.

Also these are pretty funny from the film Keanu.