Saturday, December 17, 2016

React To (C McGuire)/Lists WMJ Won't Make: Top 10 Fates Warning Songs

Hmm, I was thinking like I did with some other React-To and Top 10 Lists WatchMojo won't make, to link the actual songs, but meh, I'm too lazy right now to go that far.

So, Christian McGuire made this top 10 Fates Warning songs list

10. So
9. Part of the Machine
8. Monument
7. The Apparition
6, A Pleasant Shade of Gray VI
5. Epitaph
4. The Ivory Gate of Dreams
3. At Fates Hands
2. Exodus
1. Nothing Left to Say Good list, but it's Fates Warning, which in my mind, it's hard to pick bad songs. of course will never make a Top 10 songs list for them (yet they make top 10 lists about flavor-of-the-month garbage like Loney Island, Sum 41 and other words, WHO??)

But it is splitting hairs and there's many I'm not including even outside of the Top 10 or 20, but just for the sake of making this somewhat accurate list, here it is.

It does include of course the John Arch and Arch / Matheos stuff along with regarding A Pleasant Shade of Gray as 1 song, as I, many other fans and the band themselves consider it just 1 or Song-suite, etc.
Outside of the top 20, there are so many other good ones

Firefly (Darkness in a Different Light, 2013)
Guardian (Awaken the Guardian, 1986)
Monument (Inside Out 1994)
Pieces of Me (Disconnected, 2000)
Prelude to Ruin (Awaken the Guardian, 1986)
Seven Stars (Theories of Flight, 2016)
Through Different Eyes (Perfect Symmetry, 1989
Traveler In Time (The Spectre Within, 1985(
Silent Cries (No Exit, 1988)
Sorceress (Awaken the Guardian, 1986)

20. Left Here (FWX, 2004)

19. Damnation (Night on Brocken, 1984)

18. Point of View (Parallels, 1991)

17. So (Disconnected, 2000) 16. Another Perfect Day (FWX, 2004)

15. Ghosts of Home (Theories of Flight, 2016)

14. Fata Morgana (Awaken the Guardian, 1986)

13. Heal Me (FWX, 2004)

12. The Apparition (The Spectre Within, 1985)

11. The Eleventh Hour (Parallels, 1991)

10. Stained Glass Sky (Sympathetic Resonance, 2011)

9. Nothing Left to Say (Perfect Symmetry, 1989)

8, Something from Nothing (Disconnected, 2000)

7. Epitaph (The Spectre Within, 1985)

6. The Ivory Gate of Dreams (No Exit, 1988)

5. Relentless (A Twist of Fate, 2003)

4. The Light and Shade of Things (Theories of Flight, 2016)

3. Cheyenne (A Twist of Fate, 2003)

2. Still Remains (Disconnected, 2000)

1. A Pleasant Shade of Gray (A Pleasant Shade of Gray, 1997)