Thursday, December 8, 2016

Rest in Peace GREG LAKE

Sucks Sucks Sucks!

It's just calendar year, but 2/3 of ELP now gone. Had you told me that a year ago, I would have thought you were crazy.

I saw him just a couple of years ago at The Varsity Theater. Very intimate, lots of crowd interaction, etc. He seemed well.

I had no clue he had cancer.

I also will never forget seeing ELP with Deep Purple and Dream Theater and Grand Casino Hinckley the summer of 1998 (August?).

Man o man..this 1 hurts. I plan to post a list of celeb deaths for 2016, to remember but also illustrate while it seems like a ton, it's not been all that different than other Christian Calendar years.

How much mention this will get with the hipsters? oddly enough, p4k ran something and The Needle Drop retweeted the BBC link above. Jon Bream, Chris Riemenschneider, etc..probably couldn't care less.

Granted, the hipsters like Crimson for some reason. ELP tho? why when (hopefully a LONG TIME FROM NOW) Carl Palmer goes, I question how much mention it'll get.
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