Saturday, December 17, 2016

2016-2017 New Album Anticipation/Spec (Frequent Updates in 2017)

12/17/16 6:34PM

So like the actual Calendar with confirmed titles, release dates and artwork, this entry will be frequently bumped/updated.

The 1st list below is a list of artists who it seems very likely will be releasing a new album, but it's not been confirmed with the date/month or even the title yet. But the recent evidence points towards that information could be right around the corner.

The 2nd list is more of artists that either have talked about writing new music in the last few years and they seem due for one.

Of course this list, even more than the Calendar Entry, is a work-in-progress per there's likely dozens if not more artists I am not remembering at this point.

There also may be removals for various reasons (breakups, artists mentions a new album coming in a few years, etc).

And like the Calendar Entry, I should make a new video about the stuff from this entry. Speculation, etc.

As far as the Bluechips: Fjokra and Pepe Deluxe still stand out the most. The Reign of Kindo also, but receiving 1 track every so often per their Patreon is already happening, it's just officially release and hopefully a physical copy, etc will hopefully come, likely in the Spring.

Kimbra, Subterranean Masquerade, Galactic Cowboys, In Vain, Small Leaks Sink Ships,  are among the biggest likely to come out. Tiny Giant and Bullet Height from ex-Pure Reason Revolution members also have me intrigued.

Anathema, dredg, The Family Crest are some of the other hopefuls that will be a big deal if/when they come out.

And that's hardly all of the stuff I am hoping for, as I'm sure I'll be remembering many others to add in here soon (and removing, and adding to The Calendar Entry).

Confirmed/Likely to be Released (but no Title or Release Date Yet)
Ayreon FB
Bent Knee FB Tw
Bullet Height (Spring) FB Tw
Diablo Swing Orchestra FB Tw
Flying Colors FB Tw
Galactic Cowboys FB Fan Pg Tw
In Vain FB
Kimbra  FB Tw
Major Parkinson FB Tw (low activity)
George Michael FB Tw (low activity)
Native Construct FB Tw
Reign of Kindo, The FB Tw
Small Leaks Sink Ships FB Tw
"Small Leaks Sink Ships will release their forthcoming album (their first on vinyl) next year via Lefse Records"
Solstafir (1st Half) FB
Spock's Beard
Subterranean Masquerade FB
Tiny Giant FB Tw
Typhoon FB Tw


Anathema FB Tw
Arch / Matheos FB Tw
Barnum Meserve, The FB Tw
Bend Sinister FB Tw
Brice Plays Drums FB Tw
Broken Social Scene FB Tw
Bubblemath FB Tw (last update 2014)
Capital Cities FB Tw
Chromeo FB Tw
Disillusion FB Tw
Dissociatives, The FB (Paul Mac) Tw (Paul Mac)
dredg FB Tw
East of the Wall FB Tw
Faceless, The FB Tw
The Family Crest FB Tw
Fjokra FB Tw
Godspeed You Black Emperor FB (last update 2015)
House of Fools FB Tw (not updated since 2015)
Jazzkamikaze FB Tw
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings (Post-Humous) FB Tw
Journal FB
Karnivool FB Tw
Live FB Tw
Spencer Ludwig  Tw
Mastodon FB Tw
Mew FB Tw
Mutemath FB Tw
Ne Obliviscaris FB Tw
Neverending White Lights FB Tw
Pepe Deluxe FB Tw (not updated since 2012)
Ramona Falls FB Tw
Red Paintings, The  FB Tw
RisingSide Tw
Sigur Rós FB Tw
SikTh FB Tw
System of a Down FB Tw
Roger Waters Tw
Steven Wilson FB Tw

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