Friday, December 18, 2015

Random Artist Feature Video: FATES WARNING (16 minutes)

So obviously time permitting, I am trying to do something new with my YouTube channel. I sort of did it with Subterranean Masquerade earlier this year when I made a video for them and featured their new album The Great Bazaar.

And even some of the collection videos like my Marillion Collection video I made, which covered a lot of ground, but still wasn't covering all the history/my history, etc.

So this new video I just made covers for the most part My History and THE history of Fates Warning, vaguely.

Of course a band like Fates Warning, who have 11 studio albums, to cover every album in detail, and also include John Arch's stuff, would take a lot more than even the 16 minutes this video was made in.

So, what I may at some point do is do individual videos or Reduxes that are more in-depth. But for now, this is how I'm going to try and make these.

They may be artists with small catalogs, or artists, with 1 album (Apes and Androids or The Stilletto Formal?) or artists with large discographies.

Or I may just go random into just 1 album in-depth, or the whole Retro Favorites historical calendar year thing. I dunno, but the random-ness part of it makes it kind of fun.

I mentioned dredg, Oceansize and The Dear Hunter, but I may not get to them next as Downfall already commented with a request for Dream Theater, who actually someone else asked me to do the same thing a couple of months ago, so I may just do it.

As for the actual video, it came out well, except for some stuff like getting the drummer's name wrong and not having all of my collection to show exactly. That and some notes that were a little out of order. But as I know, the more you do this stuff, the more you learn and try and improve them.