Monday, December 7, 2015

10cc: I'm Not In Love - The Story of 10cc [BBC Documentary]

Pretty good story, especially for someone like myself who honestly, has always meant to spend time with their music, but never fully has. A friend of mine has talked about them, and I've noticed some stuff per among other places of late about 10cc.

Plus they go back to a comparison when I 1st heard their name in 2006 when I was sharing some of House of Fools music with my friend, who said the music sounded like 10cc.

That and then recently Jellyfish were featured in PROG magazine, and I think it was Andy Sturmer who said 1 of the bands they grew up being inspired by was 10cc, which given his love for McCartney I can understand certainly.

Anyway, definitely recommended for casual fans, or of course the people who love them.

Now I need to check out The Original Soundtrack and Sheet Music as well as maybe some Godley and Creme stuff.

I had no clue about Graham Gouldman's songwriting credits and even the "The Game of Love" and those Yardbirds and Hollies tunes. Rush even covered "Heart Full of Soul" lol.