Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Marillion: 2016 October/November North American Tour

Oct 21 San Francisco, CA
Oct 22 Beverly Hills, CA
Oct 25 Denver, CO
Oct 27 Chicago, IL
Oct 28 Chicago, IL
Oct 29 Northfield, OH
Oct 31 Toronto, ON
Nov 1 Montreal, QC
Nov 2 Quebec
Nov 4 Boston, MA
Nov 5 Washington, DC
Nov 6 Glenside, PA
Nov 8 New York City, NY

Tickets Go On Sale on Friday 12/11/15

I'm happy obviously, but a bit sad to not even see Milwaukee on that list, which was certainly considered.

I likely will look to the 2 Chicago shows again, but hopefully this time they'll play a completely different set list (which back in 2012 I and many other anticipated, but didn't quite happen).

A little dicey though as my brother doesn't live there now, and I am not sure if the fiancee (and then Wife) will be up for even making the trip with me, knowing that 2 nights in a row she would be doing things on her own in Chicago, unless someone else were to come or we met up with there.

Then again, there are other cities including San Francisco which the fiancee and I have meant to go to and we may consider as part of our Honeymoon. But at the same time, I question whether she will be thrilled with even 1 night our Honeymoon, I'd be off seeing a concert while she had to find something else to do. But I also likely have family to see (and stay with possibly) in SF, so I guess some pros/cons and discussions will have to happen soon about this with her and I.