Monday, December 7, 2015

Pretty & Nice - Golden Rules for Golden People (2013)

I've been meaning to post something about this band over the last week, but never got the chance to.
I was suggested this band Pretty and Nice by a new friend on who I've been suggesting music back and forth with.

He recommended this band to me after I was telling him about Apes and Androids. And I follow that to an extent, but actually there music reminds me more of sElf actually than Apes and Androids.

sElf and The New Pornographers, with a bit of a Post-Punk element sort of in the AandA's or Bloc Party vein at times. And I'm referring to just on this newest record of theirs Golden Rules For Golden People which was released in 2013.

They're also on Equal Vision Records, the same label The Dear Hunter is on, which makes me wonder if they'd ever get the chance to tour with them. Perhaps it will happen as they are based now in Boston (and originally from Vermont).

Definitely one of the best new bands I've discovered of late, and in the Power-Pop or experimental Pop style. This record is consistent track-2-track with really strong energy and melodies yet still having that quirky, left-of-center experimentation to it.

I want to now check out their other records of course, which they released 2 others previously. And I imagine since this dropped in 2013, Pretty and Nice could be coming out with something new soon, like in 2016 even.

edit: they also released an EP in 2014 titled Infinitely Forever which includes a couple of tracks on this record.