Thursday, December 10, 2015

Top 10 List Will Not Make: Top 10 Marillion Songs

What the hell, why not?

I'm not going to write any long or short blurbs for these right now (and unlikely later, but I suppose I wouldn't rule it out).

I've just been in a Marillion-mood this week with the NA tour announcement. And I was just scanning over some drafted entries I never did and just in the last 30 minutes, figured why not.

This hardly is an exact order or a definitive list of course. I mean I didn't even include anything from Brave nor some other albums I love. And I am taking a liberty or 2 with the Suites and in the case of Misplaced Childhood, I consider the whole record as 1 Suite or 1 Song.

That being the case, that Honorable Mention list, like many lists, is filled with songs that I easily could put in here.

I also think it's ironic how with Marillion, WMJ will likely never do this or any list, possibly even including them. Yet, WMJ are based in Montreal, QC, where the bi-annual? Marillion Fan Weekends are held, lol. Even as obscure/underground as I'm sure they are within the media in Montreal. It's still a little ironic, sort of how Opeth never ends up on their lists, yet interviewed Mikael Akerfeldt once I think.

As for #1, well I adore it, even if so many accuse it of borrowing/ripping off, etc a more well known track from an obviously more well known band (that Marillion were obviously influenced by).

10. Misplaced Childhood from Misplaced Childhood (1985)

9. Hotel Hobbies/Warm Wet Circles/That Time of the Night from Clutching at Straws (1987)

8. A Few Words for the Dead from Radiation (1998)

7. This Town/The Rakes Progress/100 Nights from Holidays In Eden (1991)

6. Berlin from Seasons End (1989)

5. Interior Lulu from (1999)

 4. Ocean Cloud from Marbles (Delux Campaign Edition, 2004)

3. Afraid of Sunlight from Afraid of Sunlight (1995)

2. The Invisible Man from Marbles (2004)

Honorable Mentions:
Slainte Mhath from Clutching at Straws
Seasons End from Seasons End
Easter from Seasons End
Fugazi from Fugazi
Script for a Jester's Tear from Script for a Jester's Tear
Garden Party from Script for a Jester's Tear
Hard as Love from Brave
Runaway from Brave
The Great Escape from Brave
The Party from Holidays in Eden
This Strange Engine from This Strange Engine
Quartz from Anoraknophobia
Half Empty Jam from Happiness is the Road
Gazpacho from Afraid of the Sunlight
King from Afraid of Sunlight
These Chains from Radiation

1. Grendel from B'Sides Themselves (1988)