Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Playlist Subbing for Modern Kicks 12/16/15

Here's my playlist from last night/early this morning subbing for Modern Kicks on KFAI, and the link to hear it for the next 2 weeks (until 12/29/15 at 11:59PM CST)

It was just me as both Joyce and my friend John weren't able to join me.

As far as the show, 2 of the biggest issues being:

-Playing the Carts on the automated DDS system. The TIMES listed they are played, are either not clear, or are in Military Time. The problem is, when it says ":23" when you are doing a Midnight-2AM show, how am I to be clear if the ":23" means at 12:23 or 23 minutes after the hour, OR 23-seconds?

I have an idea next time to just play every cart on the board all at once, or even all at once in both hours, lol, but that could be months from now, so I hope I can remember it.

-I did BABBLE on a bit, which isn't unusual, and I have not checked it out yet; I may wait until I go back to work next week to. But I suspect I prattled on the diarhea-of-the-mouth train more than I'd prefer. However, it is kind of my personality, and the personality of this blog and my YouTube channel in a lot of ways.

I just wish I could find a way to make it not sound too diarhea-of-the-mouth, and still be able to include every footnote and what I see relevant factoid. A happy balance if you will. Hopefully in due time.

And there were 1 or 2 snafoos just with dead air, and I'm not certain about the levels on the background music, until I listen to the stream, namely with headphones.

But the playlist is by my accounts, still pretty good. I still mean to do at least 1-hour if not an entire show of all Epics; hopefully at a future show, maybe in 2016.

That and the fact I quite likely will be doing a special Wave Project in June for my 40th Birthday. I just need to hear back from the Wave Project people soon. Maybe I'll try and get in touch with them in the coming weeks just to see where they may be at with my application.

"Save Link As" or Click to Stream under "Modern Kicks 12/16/15"

Shadow Gallery/Christmas Day/Tyranny/Magna Carta Records
Marillion/Carol of the Bells/Racket Records
Anathallo/A Holiday at Sea/Anathallogy/Artist Friendship
Timbre/O Come Emanuel/Silent Night
Brooke Waggoner/Ovenbird/Sweven/Swoon Moon Music
Falling Up/In the Woodshop/Falling Up
Anakdota/Girl Next Door
Subterranean Masquerade/Tour Diary/The Great Bazaar/Taklit Music
Native Construct/Mute/Quiet World/Metal Blade Records
The Faceless/The Spiraling Void/Summerian Records
Gatherer/High Fives/Heavy Hail/Red Tape Records
dredg/Hungover on a Tuesday/Catch Without Arms/Interscope
The Woods Brothers/Terra Firma/The Woods Brothers
The Dear Hunter/This Old Haunt/Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise/Equal Vision Records
The Dear Hunter/Waves/Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise/Equal Vision Records
XTC/King for a Day/Oranges and Lemons/Geffen
Pretty and Nice/Stallion & Mare/Golden Rules for Golden People/Equal Vision Records
Bullet Height/Bastion/Superball Music
The Pneumatic Transit/Lioness/Concerto for Double Moon

The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra/Various Clips from Tracks off "Earthlift"/Loud Folk Records