Monday, April 27, 2015

SikTh News: NEW EP coming! Early 2016?

4/27/15 1:51PM

YES! New EP coming!..although noticing there, 217 days left to preorder, I.E. their deadline is the end of 2015. That translates to me as an EP likely in early 2016, or in terms of this blog's season, next season.

But, so be it, I'm fucking stoked to get to hear some new music from these guys finally after so many years!

Ladies and gentleman we have two huge pieces of news for you today.
For the first time since 2006's Death Of The Dead Day we will be releasing new music, this will come in the form of an E.P which we are currently writing.
As we are no longer with a Record Label we are running a PledgeMusic campaign which allows you, the fans to pre-order the E.P and purchase exclusive items and experiences which will be available nowhere else. This with your support should allow us to create a release which is of amazing quality. You can access this at the link below!
Secondly, we have just announced our 2015 winter tour tickets for which will be available initially Wednesday 29th April from the PledgeMusic site and then from other ticket vendors from the 1st of May.
The dates are as follows:-
5/12/2015 Glasgow Classic Grand
6/12/2015 Manchester Academy 2
10/12/2015 Bristol Marble Factory
11/12/2015 Birmingham Academy 2

12/12/2015 London Forum

4/26/15 12:00PM

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New album info coming tomorrow, April 27th?