Monday, April 13, 2015

The Barnum Meserve - The Barnum Meserve (2014-2015).. + LP's #2 and #3

4/13/15 1:49PM

"Underneath the Grey" video.

jeez, the lyrics are hardly happy, but this is definitely not quite what I pictured with this track. Not sure if the girl is the guy's daughter or someone he knew and cared about.

4/09/15 6:00AM

Finally got to check out the whole record, and I do like a lot of it. "Take Shelter" is probably my favorite. I really like the dynamics on that track.

This album and their sound I guess has a lot of emotional vocals from Leon Wiley. He can really wail or scream.

Also it seems nearly every track features some kind of chamber instrumentation, with strings, horns, or I suppose just the use of piano as a texture/adding-to-the-atmosphere, that adds a lot.

I suppose 1 of the best things about this album and band is, they do not sound like any other band I like really. Why in 1 way, it's hard to describe them accurately.

also It's for Sale on AMAZON.COM here (digital)

The CDs should be be going on sale soon, I guess.

3/28/15 8:13AM

Whole album stream:

Still unclear about cds, direct-to-the-band purchase (bandcamp?, etc).  The Soundcloud page has a link to the iTunes download page.

3/25/15 6:55PM

Digital Preorders

2/21/15 10:57PM

Tracklist below for the S/T debut coming on April 6th (iTunes/Amazon digital, and physical format from their online store)

Facebook Pic

1 War Games 3:35
2 Open Up Your Eyes 5:21
3 Colours 3:15
4 Don't Be Afraid 4:19
5 Last Forever 4:38
6 Half Mast 4:13
7 Underneath the Grey 4:02
8 Without Numbers 3:22
9 After the Fire 4:20
10 Losing Sleep 4:25
11 Dust 4:52
12 Take Shelter 4:51
13 Tides 5:56

1/24/15 11:37PM

Not a ton of details to share yet, but per these 2 articles below, there's a few things included.

Release date is April 6th. It is Self-Titled, and Self-Released. It includes a lot of their trademark strings, vocal harmonies among other things. Also the same release date of the Nordic Giants debut record and Josh Rouse.

Their 2nd LP has already been recorded and is in the mixing stage, and is looking to come out in 2016, may or may not be released on a label.

Their 3rd LP they are already working on, and if timing works well, may come in 2017, LOL.

After two years in the making, The Barnum Meserve now unleash their self-titled debut album, and it’s an outright scorcher. The record contains thirteen tracks that are epic, dark and cinematic, but above all, utterly compelling. The atmospheric piano openings and string sections of ‘War Games’ leads things off, before the current single ‘Colours’ ( perfectly showcases the three piece’s unbridled emotion laced with a contagious and dramatic refrain. The forthcoming single ‘Underneath The Grey’ further demonstrates the band’s guile and deft ability to truly ignite anyone within earshot, and the video is also something special that magnificently portrays the track’s haunting beauty. With shows and festival appearances planned for this year, along with a new album already in works, there is no stopping The Barnum Meserve’s ascent.

I'm pretty intrigued not only by this upcoming record, but the stuff they also have planned over the next couple of years. Will they play live in North America? I dunno, but 1-step-at-a-time of course.

I will of course bump this when more of those details come.