Saturday, April 25, 2015

My Current (Spring 2015) Podcast Playlist: Music Discussion and some Non-music.

The Color of Air
Greg Massi, guitarist who was a founding member of both maudlin of the Well and Kayo Dot, and now has his own band Baliset, hosts this fairly regular podcast (Monthly? or even some months, Weekly)

I noticed it was posted on a forum like a week ago, and saw some of the conversations Greg did with various musicians and music people (Jeff Wagner who wrote Mean Deviation, the progressive metal book) and immediately had me interested. Not surprisingly,Toby Driver was one of Greg's guests, namely per his longtime working relationship and friendship with Toby. And that may be my favorite one of the podcasts I've checked out so far. They discussed obviously some stuff from maudlin of the Well and Kayo Dot, along with the music industry and recording. Being a musician and a lot of other elements.

I would say the way this podcast talks about music, making music, approach to making and listening to music, has really got me addicted to it. I've been looking for a good music-discussion podcast, namely that does cover my taste to a point (progressive rock and its umbrella primarily) for many years. And it seems like when it comes from a musician like Greg, it seems like I may have found just that. To a point. I'm sure there's a lot of music I love, that will never get talked about, but there's still a ton of music and just the stuff talked-about music and the music industry in general that is totally up my alley.

And I think there's probably a lot of other people who would enjoy this podcast of Greg's. Even with its length which is normally well over 1-hour, into possibly 2 hours at times. I suppose with myself having a dayjob where I can and often do have my headphones on for 5-7 hours a day, this is a nice diversion from music listening or much of the talk radio I enjoy.

It also reminds me a little of the podcast my friend Josh aka That Drummer Guy used to do, Epic Rock Talk although we never had higher profile guests, and frankly, I often felt I spoke too fast (or name-dropped bands too fast) and did more of the talking than I should have. But, that was then, and this is now, etc.

Anyway, I just hope Greg's able to continue to make this podcast for awhile (as he's mentioned, he is a busy guy with a wife, dayjob, and his work with Baliset recording and even playing live), and it continues to gain more of an audience.

Table Top Genesis

This is a new podcast with 4-6? people. A "Round-table" discussion about of course the band Genesis. That is only made once a month (or uploaded). They have only shared 2 episodes, each of them focusing in-depth on an album from Genesis. A Track-by-Track discussion.

I do love Genesis (at least a good percentage of their music), and so I am familiar and have my own opinions on what they discuss on this podcast.

The group are not discussing the albums chronologically, but I guess randomly. They did Abacab first and Nursery Cryme on the 2nd episode.

They have said they plan to discuss some of the solo and sideprojects of the Genesis members, and even music inspired-by Genesis (or tributes?), which has my Kevin Gilbert fandom curious what they may have to say about him, his band Giraffe's performance of The Lamb, etc.

I suppose my main issue with this podcast is the fact it seems to have so many voices, it may suffer from the whole "too many cooks in the kitchen" per say. Like some of those commentary tracks on DVDs where 5 people are trying to talk simultaneously. But given they have only made 2 of them thus far, I imagine any issues with too many voices at 1-time can be improved upon if not avoided entirely.

Yes Music Podcast 
This is a podcast, started by a guy from England, in sometime in 2011, I recall Summer or early Fall perhaps. I have been checking out many of the older episodes which he discusses/analyzes the studio
albums pretty well. I have checked out some episodes with guests too which are also often pretty good discussions.

But I haven't actually listened to that many of the more recent episodes yet, but given it's still going on some 3 1/2 years later, it seems I will want to stick with this one.

Sound Opinions
I've listened to this podcast for the better part of 10 years. While I have issues both with the hosts and especially the content (or lack-their-of), it is still pretty consistent with including at least something every week I want to hear. If for nothing else, the voicemails at the end of the show.

I'll credit them for introducing me to a band like Miracles of Modern Science in the last few years, even though Jim Derogatis actually saw them at SXSW in 2012 and said they sucked, lol.

The Kscope Music Podcast
I've also checked out this podcast for 5 years I recall, more or less since it started. Billy Reeves is the host and it covers of course, the music and happenings of artists on the British-based Independent Rock label KScope. Namely Steven Wilson and Anathema, as well as some others I enjoy like Nordic Giants and iamthemorning.

It does have often some good interviews with members of the artists on KScope which I often enjoy.

It's usually only once-a-month too, and recently, many of the discussions are not available to download but just stream. Why that is? I guess I can only guess per copyrighted music, at times long before the release, is included. I'm sure they have their good reasons, but given I listen to these episodes usually when I'm at work, I need a download, so I'm not sure how many new episodes of these I will be listening to in the future, at least until I get to the point I am working at home.
This is a podcast I found just doing a Google search for "prog discussion podcast" or something similar. And it is from what I can tell, just 2 guys from Australia discussing Prog and Pop culture. Movies, TV and some other things along with music, which is mostly prog. Heavy on the Australian and Tool influence I sense. I think the 2 guys on it, may have changed as they have included a 3rd person at points, and someone may have been a guest and joined, and then someone left, etc.

I do enjoy this one, although I'm still getting used to it as I have only listened to 2 or 3 episodes so far. I'm not sure how long ago it began, but I think a few years ago, and it is still active which gives me reason to keep up on it.

All Songs Considered
This is a funny podcast in that I would probably check it out nearly every week, except as far as I can tell, it's always been iTunes-only? and/or always only been available as a STREAM, which like how KScope is, I can't download it, thus I can't listen to it at work at this point.

I have sort of viewed it, from the podcasts I have streamed, as sort of a poor-man's Sound Opinions, although at the same time, the NPR guys on it, do cover more music, and more kinds of music, and more in a true Round Table discussion of album reviews. It's a little like some of the YouTube channels with album reviews I subscribe to (which may warrant a separate entry itself).

I just often at times get a sense about the music they cover is a little heavy on the Pitchfork/TrendRock approval list. Even if some of it I do like and support like Mew, Kimbra, Typhoon, The Family Crest, etc.

My issue is, why can't they also cover stuff like Fjokra, The Dear Hunter, Marillion, Steven Wilson, 22, Timbre, Small Leaks Sink Ships, The Reign of Kindo, etc etc etc...

And I don't use iTunes, never have, and likely never will. If they had an iTunes-alternative like Podomatic, Soundcloud, or even my 1st choice, a site like, I might become a regular listener to this podcast, if I could DOWNLOAD IT on 1 of those other sites.  But as far as I know, I can't.  But maybe I'll be working at home soon and just be happy streaming on their site.

The Fundamentals
This is kind of a pop-culture based podcast that has 3 guys from Portland, Oregon talking about different topics, from a tv show like Cheers, to Online Dating. Even kidneys I recall were 1 topic they used.

I do have a slight personal bias for this one as it includes Dan Fury who is a friend of mine I know with his involvement with the band Kaddisfly and the guys from their band.  I like the stuff Dan does, including his band Madam Officer, to also his Vinyl-featured YouTube channel Vinyl Fury

But as for this podcast, it's pretty entertaining and informative. The 3 guys all have slightly different perspectives and I enjoy how it covers a lot of different subjects. A bit like some of the talk shows I listen to like Chad Hartman's show on WCCO, but it is from a perspective of guys who use social media and can be pretty relate-able. I mean Cheers for example is a favorite show of mine, so I'm always up for hearing discussion about it, etc.

Better Call Saul Podcast
About the new show, which I am a fan of. In fact I'd say it's my favorite show on TV right now. It includes Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould among some others including Kelley Dixon whose one of the main editors on BCS (and was on Breaking Bad too). And they usually have 1 of the actors on the show too.

I never listened to the Breaking Bad one, although it does make me want to go back to check those episodes out too after hearing this.