Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Other Lives - Rituals (2014-2015)

New record from Other Lives drops on May 4th. I might have been more up for info about this and such, but I kind of lost some of my interest for this band after concluding how much I prefer their music as Kunek (or the 1 great debut album Flight of the Flynns )

That being said, they have written some good tracks since changing their name, and given that, I still will be up for checking this new record of theirs out.

1st single "Reconfiguration" is below. Not bad, although not dramatically different than the Tamer Animals stuff.

There's more clips/samples and things of course from Rituals on Other Lives Facebook Page


1 Fair Weather
2 Pattern
3 Reconfiguration
4 Easy Way Out
5 Beat Primal
6 New Fog
7 2 Pyramids
8 Need a Line
9 English Summer
10 Untitled
11 No Trouble
12 For the Last
13 It’s Not Magic
14 Ritual