Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2014-2015 Spring New Albums Now Playing List (+ highly anticipated for 2014-2015)

If I do manage to have the time, likely in a few weeks when I'm on PTO, the midseason List and/or Countdown should happen both here in text and video form.

But I gotta just include a list of some of the recent stuff, as it seems they're coming in like crazy.

Also I likely am deciding go by release dates and a deadline of May 1st for that list/countdown.

But for now, this is just a brief NP of new records:

Mew - + -
Nordic Giants - A Seance of Dark Delusions
Native Construct - Quiet World
Umphrey's McGee - The London Session
Faith No More - Sol Invictus
The Barnum Meserve - The Barnum Meserve
Signal-to-Noise - I Won't Let the World Become a Prison
Thurisaz - The Pulse of Mourning
Timbre - Sun & Moon

I must say, it's a lot of new stuff at once, although hardly the 1st time. But the last month or so has definitely added some depth to the current season, and in some ways, reduced the current high anticipation list whch I'm always sad when it happens.

I probably would include the following as the biggest anticipating-soon records:

Mike Vennart - The Demon Joke
Kaddisfly - Horses Galloping on Sailboats
The Dear Hunter - Act IV: Rebirth and Reprise

some others of course like Mutemath, 22, Muse, BTBAM are also among the anticipated of course, and a lot of stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting or unaware of. Fjokra of course being one when it's announced will be rather high too.