Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Signal-to-Noise - I Won't Let the World Become a Prison (2014-2015)

Well sadly this will have to be another shoehorned posting of sorts as I am of course in limited time and a bit of a limited amount of listening of this album thus far.

But, this is a band/project from Michael Downing of the Chicago-based band Single Channel Stereo who I saw play a show with Bend Sinister back in 2013 in Chicago. ....fdsfdsfasdfds fast-fwd

He contacted me the other day about this project and album of his, and was nice enough to send me a download, etc. Very cool of him.

In the brief amount of time I've listened to this album (2 times listening at this point), I can say I enjoy a lot of it. Stylistically, I think it shares some in common with a few artists, but the main one I keep thinking of at this point early-on is the great Scottish chamber/folk pop band My Latest Novel (and I suppose include their new band/project Alphabetical Order Orchestra I guess).

I guess that comparison is primarily in the use of vocal harmonies and the tone of them, and the production. Michael doesn't have the slight Scottish accent or maybe the European references? or whatever.

I guess I wouldn't describe this music as exactly like MLN, and over time that comparison may not hold as much water as it does initially. But mind you, I actually like how it is like MLN and I just like a lot of the songs on here in general.

I hopefully will find the time to get to know this record a fair amount better soon (and don't be surprised to see it in the upcoming Midseason report/ranking/countdown).

 But just to pick a few favorite tracks: Biologic, Universal, Presque Vu, Something to Say

Released today 3/31/15


1 Firebox 02:27
2 Something to Say 04:14
3 Rivals 04:41
4 Avenall 03:20
5 Biologic 03:43
6 Night Owl 04:07
7 Vacant Lot 03:36
8 All We're Told 03:33
9 MCC 02:56
10 Universal 03:46
11 Presque Vu 04:19

per Facebook:

StNR is a creative outlet to spread a very simple message: that the truth of experience can be revealed to anyone willing to look inwards. I will never tell anyone what to believe. In fact, I would suggest doing away with all belief. Assumption breads delusion. An examination of the inner workings of the mind without judgement or preconception allows us to trade believing for knowing, to end all suffering and set our true self free from the bounds of physical reality.

This message is not my own. It is older than time itself. Everything you might find here seeks to reinvigorate the universal spirit dwelling within us all. Therefor StNR seeks not only to heal the world, but also to heal its creato. There is no beginning and no end to personal growth. In this way we are all in the middle, all equal, all capable of lifting ourselves ever upwards. The present moment will always give exactly what is needed to take the next step. Embrace the experience itself, not the impermanent objects within it, and YOUR truth will be revealed