Wednesday, March 18, 2015

RisingSide - In My Skin [Single] (2015)

Another impressive track from these guys. Epic, multi-part track; love Juan Carlos's guitar tone at points.

Excellent production.

Definitely adds to the optimism about where they are going.

Latest Newsletter

We are proud to release our newest single "In My Skin" to the world today. Take a listen above and don't forget to download it! We have been working very hard on recording and writing and are finally happy to share with all of you. Thank you for listening in and being a part of our crew. Always more to come!
Here is what is in store for RisingSide in the next few months:

- This Sunday we will be recording another single with Kevin Israel at RiverRock Studios in Northeast.
- Our next show is May 16th at Wild Tymes in St. Paul, details TBA
- We are working on Wisconsin tour dates the last weekend in May!
- June to July Scotty will be touring Brazil for an International Percussion conference - good luck Scotty!
- Ryan, Juan, and Katie will be writing, promoting, and doing a few special performances while Scotty is away.

Make sure to support all your favorite local musicians/bands - we can't succeed without all of you. RisingSide will continue to strive and grow and bring only the best performances and music to our fans. Now lets go melt some faces!

RisingSide OUT.

end transmission...