Monday, March 9, 2015

Daniel Johns - Aerial Love [EP] (2014-2015)

3/9/15 5:20AM

kind of digging this tune more than the title track. The layering stands out.

1/28/15 6:08PM


4 track EP, and then the album later.

March 13th release:

Aerial Love EP + Instant Grat

1. Preach
2. Aerial Love
3. Surrender
4. Late Night Drive

JB Hifi March 15th
getmusic CD + MP3
"The song is taken from a four-song EP of the same name, which is set to drop on 13th March in preparation for Johns’ first-ever solo album".
'Aerial Love', being closer to the sounds of Frank Ocean or James Blake than to anything that Silverchair have ever recorded, "is sure to polarise Johns’ fanbase".
“I try not to look backwards”, Johns has said. “Too many ghosts.”


1/16/15 2:29PM

per FB

Album or Single? I suspect this is an album title, but I guess we'll find out on January 29th, which is a Thursday of all days. Perhaps albums come out on Thursdays down under?