Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thurisaz - The Pulse of Mourning (2014-2015)

Being released on March 31st. 1st song/single "Patterns of Life"

I really like this Belgian band's record from 2007, Circadian Rhythm. Great atmospheric blackened prog/death metal.

I recall the follow-up from 2011, The Cimmerian Years, not being as good (hence why I didn't spend a ton of time with it).

The 1st single below, I'll admit, sounds pretty nice. Not vastly different in style, although I like the sample they use.

I dunno, this could be a little bit a sleeper record if turns out great.

1 Longing...
2 ...For a Change
3 Patterns of Life
4 Tangram
5 Rays of Light
6 One Final Step
7 Enslaved Dreams
8 In All Remembrance
9 Stargaze