Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rush Heads (feat Greg Herriges) 11/25/11 Red Parrot Eau Claire, WI

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FridayTime9:00pm until 1:00amWhere Red Parrot Nightclub and Lounge, 1700 S. Hasting Way, Eau Claire, WI

Description On Black Friday, help support Warm the Children with "RushHeads", a musical tribute to the Canadian prog rock icons! Special guests, "Quadrant 4", and ALL donations for local families!!!

-Troy Berg
-Greg Herriges
-Dave Schoenrock
-Sarah Spindler
-Steve Stabenow
-Billy Angel
-A few special guests!!!

Greg Herriges is among the people involved in this benefit/event on Black Friday evening in Eau Claire, WI.

Great event, great cause, afforable, and a fun thing to do on Black Friday evening. Maybe I'll see some others there. Hopefully a review will happen as well soon after.

edit: I also can't forget seeing Troy Berg with Greg again should be cool. Especially in this format. But in the last few years, I don't recall seeing Troy with Greg as much (although I haven't seen Greg as often as I used to just based on time, convenience).

I guess the other musicians involved may have played with Greg at one time, likely back in the 90's. The names I may have seen before, but at the moment sadly aren't ringing any bells. But I do know Greg had played with some folks long before his ethno-prog-folk stuff started. One or two of his groups he did play electric guitar and were influenced by among others, King Crimson. In fact it may never happen, but I and some others would love to hear some of that stuff get released or just made available in some capacity. Maybe stuff like playing Rush will spark more nostalgia and allow that to happen.