Monday, November 14, 2011

Kacica: recording?

what I posted the other day here on some kind of page for them on fb, I'm skeptical the actual band members maintain it tho.

check this out (having a browser that translates to English helps, such as Google Chrome)

Sun a little closer to the finished album.
2011.11.03 Thursday23:59

Yesterday was a preproduction at the studio located in Osaka bloomz.
Long time recording is crisp and music 気持Chiyokatta mind.
bloomz three studio albums in the past the birthplace of kacica.
Also fun, there are many that was hard.
Are thus still Yare music together.
This studio is kacica bloomz welcoming everyone and unchanged even when love comes.
Next week-recorded songs.
- 頑張Rimasu! !

so if you notice that date being November 3rd, that certainly is encouraging for recent/current/future music coming out.

Kacica are a band I am continually amazed how much better and more interesting they are, compared to many other bands who they share some qualities with, but who also are hipster darlings (unlike Kacica). But they are from Japan, and over there, the interest level in them may be justified. But, that doesn't help the fact they have some amazing music that more people could and should like. And the potential of a new album coming soon only stresses that point even more.

I hope more comes out soon about it and we'll be seeing their 3rd LP coming sometime in 2012.