Friday, November 25, 2011

Brett Stowers departs from Fair to Midland

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As many of you know Brett Stowers is no longer in Fair To Midland.
I just spoke with Cliff and here is what he said about the status of FTM and the future.

"We have a great set for the tour and it already sounds tighter than ever with new drummer Logan Kennedy and bass player Ryan Collier. We were lucky enough to have some great fellow musicians to keep Fair To Midland rolling and it sounds as good or better than ever. I'll be releasing a statement soon, but I'm caught up right now in making sure the DVDs are released on time for all of the fans. Sorry this had to happen, but I truly believe it will better the band in the future. We can't just stop what we are doing when problems arise. We have to correct them and go on. eo ire itum."

So, the DVD and the December tour are both ON as scheduled.

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Brett Stowers
I am no longer a member of Fair To Midland.

It saddens me to have had to watch something I helped nurture for over a decade deteriorate from the inside into the pitiful state it's in today. Fair To Midland owes more to its fans than to move forward in an unprofessional or half-assed way. I'm getting off this boat. It's been a fun ride.. mostly.

Sincere thanks for all the good times!
See you around!

Those quotes pretty much tell the story as far as we know right now. Why he left, and what *legal* issues he refers to I'm sure may come out in some capacity. But the tour with Dead Letter Circus is still supposedly happening, along with the DVDs. I imagine talking to Cliff at the show in a few weeks may allow some of what has gone on of late to be passed along.

I guess I hope this doesn't start a pattern like with Pain of Salvation. But, the heart of FtM I guess 1st and foremost has been Darroh's vocals and Cliff's guitar parts and songwriting. However, to say something significant is/has or is about to happen is probably true.

Ugh, I have to head out to the Rush show, but this is hardly the best news to read about on my 90+ minute. Maybe hearing the Rush will help tonight. I do wonder who this drummer Logan Kennedy is. I just found him on twitter, and it says he's played with a band called Fire to Reason. I've never heard of them of course. But I hope he's able to fill-in well for the tour.