Thursday, September 1, 2011

Warpaint - Jubilee (and Composure) @ Reading 2011

Well, nice video quality, and of course there's a boatload of live videos of Warpaint on Youtube, but not playing the unreleased track "Jubilee" as they did there recently. Good tune, and one that was being worked on but never finished for The Fool. Although I have heard the demo, it's been awhile. But the song itself isn't a *new* song in the sense it's newly written (post-The Fool), but it's definitely a new, and the final arrangement presumably. Whether it's released on their next LP, or as a single, or EP, etc remains to be seen. I don't believe it's going to be included on the "deluxe" edition of The Fool coming in a few weeks, as it wasn't listed anywhere, plus odds are they have not recorded this arrangement in the studio yet anyway. Also here's one of many great live versions of "Elephants" I just was streaming now. That along with some other videos from the Reading festival are on Youtube. And like I said, the video quality is as much a reason to check them out. Especially given the drought it's been for me to see them with the 1 show they scheduled here in Minneapolis getting canceled due to their difficulty with the Snow last March on the day of their show.