Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Warpaint - Rough Trade Sessions

Here's some high resolution videos from sessions they did, I imagine recently (They were at the Reading Festival there, was only a few weeks ago), with Rough Trade in the UK. These remind me a lot of those "Live From Abbey Road" that Sundance Channel has aired, save for the little bio/discussion by the band between songs.

My guess is these were made in large part to promote The Fool: Deluxe Edition which is being released next Monday, September 26th in the UK on Rough Trade. It can be pre-ordered here

The Fool (Disc 1)
1 Set Your Arms Down
2 Warpaint
3 Undertow
4 Bees
5 Shadows
6 Composure
7 Baby
8 Majesty
9 Lissie's Heart Murmur
10 Shadows (The Neon Lights Remix)

Exquisite Corpse E.P. (Bonus Disc)
1 Stars
2 Elephants
3 Billie Holiday
4 Beetles
5 Burgundy
6 Krimson
7 Billie Holiday (Steve Mackey Radio Edit)