Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Three - The Ghost You Gave to Me (2011) (1.0)

9/20/11 10:15AM
Another new song "React" is available to stream here.

I dig. I'd love to hear the rest asap.

9/12/11 11:12PM

Another new song "High Times" can be streamed here

another new tune to dig. Could this be the best 3 album ever?

8/22/11 12:16PM, 8/23/11 3:10PM

Pre-Order link (with the video + soundcloud stream of "Numbers").

another pre-order link

01. Sirenum Scopuli
02. React
03. Sparrow
04. High Times
05. Numbers
06. One With the Sun
07. The Ghost You Gave to Me
08. Pretty
09. Afterglow
10. Its Alive
11. Only Child
12. The Barrier

October 11th................ Official Release Date of the new "3" album: "The Ghost You Gave To Me"

Clip of the Making Of (posted a few weeks ago).

6/29/11 4:30PM

Update with the track list:

Hey all,

We have finally done it... we made THE album we've been working towards for our entire career. Yes, it did take some time, but works of this magnitude often do. "The Ghost You Gave To Me" is our most epic recording yet. It is a perfect blend of our unique brand of musicality, potent melody and lyrical innovation. We have pushed our own envelope beyond formulaic composition and into a realm where songs have a life of their own... Unpredictable twists and turns, striking imagery and passionate precision combine to make each song a journey in and of itself. This record is alive....
We'll keep you posted as far as the release date, it will be some time this fall. For now, here is the track list....

Sirenum Scopuli
High Times
One With The Sun
The Ghost You Gave to Me
Its Alive
Only Child
The Barrier

4/5/11 4:14PM

from the latest Joey Eppard/3 Newsletter (4/5/11)

The mixes are finished, song order established... Still working on the artwork and such but at this point we are looking at a September release... We're really psyched with the record! Album title came down to "React" or "The Ghost you Gave to Me"... after a little research we're going with the latter. As THE most difficult band to search out on the internet we decided that we're better off with an Album title that will actually come up in the search engines!

sounds good. September and the 4th Quarter is looking to be, as it often is, rather busy and deep. Artwork, track list, yep..in the coming weeks/months.

2/10/11 11:52PM

From Three's latest newsletter.

Hey All...

Good News!!!! Four songs are officially mixed for the new "3" record. Everything sounds great and its a pleasure to reunite with Mike Birnbaum and Chris Bittner of Applehead Studio's . This is the team that recorded and produced our first record "Paint By Number" back in 1998 and also produced and recorded Coheed & Cambria's first three albums. We'll be back at it next week to hopefully knock out a couple more mixes. Then its time to finish up the remaining tunes and mix them in march. Good things do take time, and we believe this record will be more than worth the wait...

Meanwhile we'll be making our return to the Bearsville Theater on February 25th. Expect some more sneak peeks at whats to come from the new album... Spread the word!

Also this Saturday will be a musical double feature in Woodstock; at 7:30 a solo set by Joey Eppard at the Varga Gallery followed by a performance of E-G-O at Harmony Cafe starting at 9:30pm.

Saturday, February 12th, 6:00-9:00pm
@ Christina Varga Gallery, 130 Tinker Street, Woodstock
Angry Mother Earth FUNDRAISER...
With a musical appearance by: JOEY EPPARD 7:30pm
Performance by Angry Mother Earth begins at 8:30
Raising money to promote this environmental message for our planet. So it can be seen throughout the world.
View music video@ www.patriciamitchellphotography.com/angrymotherearth.html
questions or donations/917-279-9546

Saturday February 12th, 9:30pm - ?
E-G-O (Joey Eppard, Gartdrumm & Alana Orchid)
@ Harmony Cafe / Wok 'n' Roll
52 Mill Hill Rd., Woodstock, NY
Featuring songs from Paint By Number, Halflife and much more!
Celebrating Mike Lo Re's 21st!

"3" @ The Bearsville Theater
W/ Special Guests, Nightmare's For A Week
Rt 212, Woodstock, NY
Doors: 8pm, Show: 9pm, Tickets: $15

Sounds like good progress is being made. When it gets done and is released? My guess would be July/August-ish depending how much promotion and other stuff is required. Interesting how they are working with the guy who they worked with on Paint By Number and who worked with Coheed on their 1st 3 records.

Also not to forget, this album, really goes back a few years given the target in 2009 was to release Revisions and not one but possibly 2 other records that year alone. But everything that went down with being dropped by Roadrunner Records, and then being re-signed by Metal Blade Records obviously impacted those not coming out in '09 or even last year I suppose.

Also, I'd love to see them live again supporting it. Hopefully in Minnesota again.

Here's a sample from "Sparrow"