Thursday, September 8, 2011

Erick Serna and The Killing Floor - The Grip (2011)

bandcamp pre-order (with mp3 download of the title song)

1. 12 String and Glass
2. The Grip
3. It's Been A Long Time Comin'
4. Hey Sweet Thing 04:10
5. I've Been Walkin'
6. Jet Plane Blues
7. Lies
8. Whiskey Song
9. Bad Bones
10. Dear McKenzie

Erick Serna was one of the long-running members of The Dear Hunter for 3 or more years. He was at one time, the 2nd longest tenured member besides Casey. Anyway, when Casey decided to move The Dear Hunter back home to Southern California, for that and possibly other reasons, he departed with TDH. So, this is his main project since leaving, although I know he was involved with The Color Spectrum and also the great debut album from Mercies a few months ago.

But this sounds a bit different than Mercies just from the samples, and even the song titles and "The Killing Floor" name, it seems to have a blues emphasis. I guess I and anyone else whose interested will know more when this is released on September 20th (digitally, for $5 there on the bandcamp page).

facebook band page with 3 more songs to stream.