Monday, September 5, 2011

Pain of Salvation - Road Salt Two (2011)

9/5/11 11:13PM
go stream the new song "Conditioned" on their Facebook BandPage

or try the youtube video:

  8/25/11 7:19PM

samples of every song

7/21/11 1:30AM- 1:13PM

01. Road Salt Theme
02. Softly She Cries
03. Conditioned
04. Healing Now
05. To The Shoreline
06. Eleven
07. 1979
08. The Deeper Cut
09. Mortar Grind
10. Through The Distance
11. The Physics Of Gridlock
12. End Credits

Supposedly it's coming out on September 28th. Details are pending, but close I guess.

edit: September 26th in Europe, October 11th in the States.

Daniel and co (Hallgren and Hermansson namely) lost me a bit with the 1st one. I guess they are close if not at the same place Dream Theater and others (The Mars Volta) are in that I'll still listen, but not expect them to return to even close-to their peak level of greatness.

But maybe I'll be surprised either with this or with their next record. Also a footnote, they are opening for Opeth in Europe. As I posted on some forums, that tour would be a much bigger deal if it was in the US and/or happened about 7 or 8 years ago. I'd still go if it did come here, but it still wouldn't/doesn't mean what it would have back then.