Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Timbre - Little Flowers (2010)

I've been enjoying this album over the last few days from Tennessee-based musician Timbre Cierpke. It's been rather mesmerizing at times.

A few observations/highlights

2. The Wind May Be Beautiful "But pain can be beautiful my dear"? Very ironic lyric, but I follow it to a point.
4. Like Spinning Plates - This one is rather dreeeamy. There's a wonderful line"is floating down..a [insert word] river" It includes wonderful strings and chanting vocal harmonies.
5. Hope is a Blindfold, Hope is a Solace - soaring vocals, bassoon?
7. I Will Go Plant Little Flowers..I-will-go-plant-lihhtul-flowww-errrrrs" the repeated chorus is just gorgeous. The harmonies that include trumpet I really appreciate.
9. Dawn Awakes - This closing piece has this gradual, soaring melody that includes the wonderful trumpet and Timbre's simple yet lovely vocals "dawnnnn ahhhh wakes", that also includes some chanting harmonies.

The music on this album is incredibly soothing, gentle, and delicate. Much like "little flowers" may be described. It's rather dynamic. Very refined, tasteful, emotional, but not cheesy in any way. Timbre seems to have mastered her craft rather well, I think taking this album as an "album," rather than some individual compositions. In other words, it definitely works as the old cliché goes, greater than the sum of it's parts.

I'm not sure how addictive Little Flowers will be for me, but I suspect it would be hard for me to say there is much if anything that could have been different to make it better. For what it is, it's pretty much perfect.

I must add that I discovered Timbre a few months ago when she was on tour playing harp (and singing?) with fellow Tennessee musician Brooke Waggoner. I purchased her other lp Winter Comes to Wake You which I have played a couple of times when in the mood.

Her, and Brooke as well, are making music I wish more people knew about, instead of hipster darlings like Joanna Newsom. I really think there's no comparison. Their ability to sing, arrange, play and compose albums are so much more my taste, and I would think others, it's really unfair. But as long as Timbre and Brooke continue to make music, I suppose it shouldn't ultimately matter.

I also think it's neat to learn that Timbre's resume include the likes of groups I and many others enjoy like Anathallo and Umbrella Tree.

Timbre's bandcamp page (with more album info)
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Here's a recent video from Timbre from a song "Bringing Meaning to Winter" off her last album.