Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bruce Peninsula - A Mountain is a Mouth (2009)

1. "Inside/Outside" – 5:14
2. "Steamroller" – 4:40
3. "2nd 4th World War" – 5:04
4. "Satisfied" – 1:08
5. "Shutters" – 5:32
6. "Weave Myself a Dress" – 4:51
7. "Crabapples" – 2:37
8. "Shanty Song" – 5:30
9. "Drinking All Day" – 4:14
10. "Northbound/Southbound" – 2:28

I've been rather impressed by this Canadian band's 2009 debut lp "A Mountain is a Mouth." It has wonderful drums and percussion, and what sounds like female-gang vocals in somewhat of a choir/gospel way, that doesn't come across as religious.

I should give this album a little more time before I know for certain, but I am finding myself wanting to go back to this as there's not a bad part of this record. It has a rich, warm, almost inspirational or therapeutic nature to it. Like healing wounds, or telling a great story that's been passed down through the generations.

There's definitely a lot to explore with this. But early on, the parts I enjoy most would probably be tracks like "Shanty Song," "Steamroller," and "Crabapples." Along with just the dynamics and presence of the vocalists and emphasis on rhythms.

The only downside to this album right now is I am unclear how easily I'll be able to track down a hard-copy for less than $20. Maybe I'll stumble upon one at Cheapo soon, or ebay perhaps.

I'd also love to see them live, as this style of music probably works even better live, just based on seeing some videos.

This is probably their best video, live playing "Shanty Song" but I can't find an embed code right now this might be down, I'm not sure